Tarnassian History

Primordial Age – Age of Blood

Tarnassus was formed during the Primordial Age nearly a quarter million years prior to the present. The world existed before Tarnassus, and thus the Tarnassian Primordial Age is different than many other primordial ages, being a relatively young landmass.
The first humanoids who existed on Tarnassus were a clan of Barbarians who descended into Tarnassus from the northern wastes of Gresh. Several centuries later, Tarnassus was settled by emissaries from the Thalassian realm of Quen’Shah. The Thalassians gave Tarnassus it’s name, which, in Elven, means “Golden Fields”, which represented the area in which the Thalassians originally settled in.
The Barbarians eventually moved far enough south to the area the Thalassian settlers lived in. Due to their naturally nomadic and warlike ways, the barbarians descended upon the elves, slaying the majority of the settlers and sending the others scurrying away in their ships. This conflict was the start of the Age of Blood, during which the two factions made brutal war upon one another. During this war, a elven maiden gave birth to the child of a barbarian warrior. Whether or not this union was consensual or not is a topic of hot debate to this day, but one thing became clear: the half-elf was a born leader. This man was called Gorian Fallmane, and he was destined to stop the war.

The Age of Unification

Gorian Fallmane was the architect of the Age of Unification. Little is known about the leader’s early life, but historians do know that Gorian united two platoons on opposite sides of the war, and used them to ruthlessly quell the hostilities between the two peoples. Gorian forced many combatants back to their homes, and those who remained became the first members of the Tarnassian Empire. Gorian divided the country, starting from the mountains that separated them from Gresh. Gorian spent the latter part of his life organizing the Tarnassus into four main sectors. These were the Greshan Fief, to the north, the Thallas Fief, to the south, the Quel Fief, to the east, and the Crestian Fief, to the west. Where the four, triangular fiefs met, Gorian commission a city, the capital, which he called Greelcrest. The city itself was divided into four major districts based on the fiefs they faced.
Gorian died shortly after Greelcrest was finished, and he was followed by his son, Tanis Fallmane, the second monarch of the Fallmane Dynasty.

The Golden Age

This period last several hundred years, where the Fallmane Dynasty prospered under a series of intelligent and benevolent monarchs. The economy flourished, the population boomed, there was a surplus of just about everything. Peace and equality reigned, and people from across the world flocked to the nation to wallow in the prosperity of the Fallmane Dynasty. All that changed with the reign of Regent Yorin Fallmane, also known as Yorin the Mad.

Tarnassian History

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